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About Us

The Cat Co. can be said to be all about 3 things:

1 | The TNR of feral cats living in feral colonies around Gauteng. TNR means 'trap, neuter and release'. Our main objective is to curb the ever increasing number of feral cat colonies by neutering the existing colonies. We do not rehome or remove feral cats from their home (see 'Feral Colony Advice' for reasons why). Instead we neuter and feed them and ensure they are cared for.

2 | The feeding of feral cats living in feral colonies around Gauteng. We aim to establish feeding schemes working hand in hand with the companies or organisations at which these feral colonies live.

3 | To create awareness about feral colonies so that people will learn what benefits there are to having them as well as how to properly care for and effectively use them.

For more info on who we are and what we aim to do, please feel free to contact us!

Custom Cat Houses Now Available

Our custom made cat houses are now available to order! To order online, simply click HERE.

Neat & Tidy

Our cat houses are designed to look neat and tidy in any enviroment so that they do not stand out unneccessarily. 

Easy Order & Payment

Ordering online is quick and easy! We will then send you a payment link to make secure online payment via the PayFast portal!


Comfortable for Cats

Our houses are designed with the cats in mind! This makes them just what the cats need to stay warm and dry!

Custom Branded

We can custom brand your cat house to show your brand! Just let us know what branding you would like on your cat house and we'll do it!
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